• Exposure: Daniel Reitsma

    Exposure: Daniel Reitsma

    Daniel Reitsma specialises in shooting cities around the world, and captures their essence by taking all images in the series of his selected locale within a 24-hour time period.

  • Best of Canon Exposure Photography Competition

    Best of Canon Exposure Photography Competition

    Check out the winner and highly commended entries from our Canon Exposure Photography Competition. 4

  • Exposure: Tim Clayton

    Exposure: Tim Clayton

    Australian World Press Photo winner Tim Clayton shares his award-winning series of images shot on the remote South Pacific island of Pentecost, Vanuatu.

  • Exposure: Robert Whiteley

    Exposure: Robert Whiteley

    Brisbane-based Robert Whiteley is a nature and landscape photographer who sees his hometown as the perfect photography location; accessible to beaches, mountains, and a bay of islands bound by the Pacific Ocean. 1

  • Exposure: Alexander Choi

    Exposure: Alexander Choi

    Alexander Choi combines his passions of photography and bird watching by photographing the wildlife he observes. 3

  • Exposure: Elly-Mae Farkas

    Exposure: Elly-Mae Farkas

    Elly-Mae Farkas is an aspiring photographer based in Alice Springs in Australia's Northern Territory. Her surroundings may be isolated, but the small art scene and environment allows for some original aspects to her photography. 4

  • Exposure: Chris Dalton

    Exposure: Chris Dalton

    Chris Dalton explores a variety of photography subjects from weddings and portraiture to lightning and sporting events. 1

  • Exposure: David Kleinert

    Exposure: David Kleinert

    Award-winning photographer David Kleinert shares his Australian wildlife photography.

  • Exposure: Alex Wise

    Exposure: Alex Wise

    Favouring waterscapes, Alex Wise also passionate about other styles of photography and has experimented with shooting urban exploration and infrared images. 6

  • Exposure: Christopher Chan

    Exposure: Christopher Chan

    Christopher Chan's passion for travel and photography has allowed him to capture the four corners of the world, though he still believes Sydney is one of the most photogenic cities in the world. 8

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