Digsby claims it has Twitter client for 'the mainstream'

(Credit: Digsby)

The list of Twitter clients grows every day, and for many people, finding just the right one is a crucial decision. Being able to track and manage multiple accounts is essential, but doing so can create somewhat of a chaotic flow of information.

At DemoFall 09 in San Diego on Tuesday, dotSyntax unveiled the latest version of its already-popular Digsby social-media management tool, and the new version is geared specifically towards helping solve the Twitter chaos problem.

The new Digsby extrapolates from what it already does with social media offerings from MSN, Facebook, Yahoo and others. Among those tools are a one-click status setting, easy switching between IM conversations and seamless tracking of multiple email accounts.

Now, Twitter implementation has become a key component of Digsby. It's the "first Twitter client designed for the mainstream audience", dotSyntax boasts.

The first innovation, the company argues, is a flipping around of the Twitter client standard, in which the stream of tweets is displayed newest first. Instead, Digsby shows the oldest first, so that it is easier to read threads from the beginning.

The client then tracks which tweets you've read so that you don't have to read an entire thread in one sitting. Instead, the tool can bring you back automatically to where you were if you don't finish reading a thread.

Another new approach is defining who are the most important Twitter users someone follows, and separating out everyone else they follow into one column. That means only the most important Twitter users will be in a primary column, making it more simple to see the most important information in your feeds.

There are other new features, as well, but one that is the most elegant and useful is adding a reply button to new tweet notifications. As a long-time twhirl user, I both love and hate the constant pop-ups that let you know you've got new tweets in your feed. But if I see something I want to respond to in one of those pop-ups, I have to switch out of whatever I'm doing, bring up twhirl and take action. By comparison, Digsby will allow replying to those tweets right from the pop-up.

I'd like to get my hands on the new application and see how it really performs. But it seems like one of the most promising Twitter clients we've seen in awhile, and if a critical mass of others agree, it could become the next standard-bearer client.

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