Dishonored launches tomorrow

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Dishonored hits retail in Australia and New Zealand tomorrow — here's the official launch trailer to remind you why you need this game.

Dishonored hits Australia and New Zealand tomorrow.
(Credit: Bethesda)

Stealth action, magic powers, pistols, a hell of a lot of rats and enough whale oil to embarrass Japan — there are many reasons why Dishonored not only made our list of top five games we're excited for, but also might easily find itself on a the receiving end of a few Game of the Year awards. Not a bad effort for a new IP going up against juggernauts such as Assassin's Creed II, Halo 4 and more.

It's a slick, compelling game that will eat away large amounts of your life, and it's out tomorrow on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox. Watch the trailer below:

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