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Cables. They're the bane of our lives. If your workstation resembles a writhing Lovecraftian horror, check out these DIY solutions to making your space liveable.

Sure, there's the good ol' cable-ties and twist-ties, but if you want to get your cables out of the way, you're going to need a more creative solution. Click through the gallery below for cable-tidying fixes made with stuff you might have lying around at home. Full instructions for each project can be found via the links.

These solutions have mostly been applied to desks, but the majority will also work for a home entertainment situation.

Got a hot cable-tidying tip to share? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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pjtrillion posted a comment   

I use an empty plumbers tape reel. I cut a slot in either side of the reel, one side for the headphone plug, then I wind the cord around the spool and have the earphone end exit through the slit in the other side of the reel, then I pop the cover on for keeping everything together and neat. Works a treat and took a couple of minutes to make!


Plastimake Pete posted a comment   

Back in April we featured a few different DIY cable-wrap designs sent in by a clever Plastimake customer:

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