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We get asked a common question these days: when it comes to photo printing, should you keep your own photo printer or go get prints done at a photo store?

There are always individual preferences at play around any question like this, but the short answer comes down to volume.

Think about how many prints you make each year. If the answer is anything less than 100, and it probably is for most people these days, then the shop is probably your best bet.

There isn't all that much money to be saved in doing it yourself, and managing software, hardware settings and ink supplies can make it a fussy process, where prints are wasted in trying to get a good result.

A good hedge bet is to look at some of the smaller, 6x4 printers that work well for when you want to share some quick prints; and leave careful, high-quality prints for framing to high-quality machines at a big store.

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dougaussie posted a comment   

has anyone done a review yet of expresso book machines,
these are going to revolutionise book shops, i mean imagine you simply want a book, any book, about anything and you can walk into the shop and simply get one printed out. If i was opening a bookshop i would have large internet connected display terminals connect to all the online bookstores worldwide and an expresso machine to punch them out.

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