DIY twin-lens reflex camera for Polaroid film

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Plenty of photographers have a soft-spot for twin-lens reflex (TLR) cameras. This Kickstarter project contains a DIY kit that is compatible with both regular and Polaroid instant film.

Fully-built Duo TLR cameras.
(Credit: Kickstarter)

A TLR camera has two lenses, one of which is used for focusing and viewfinder purposes, and the other captures the image. Traditionally, these cameras use medium format or 35mm film, the most famous example being the Rolleiflex.

The Duo takes the classic design of a TLR camera, but gives it a new twist, adding the capability of capturing photos on Polaroids. Backing the project on Kickstarter will, for US$209 or more, get you an entire kit from which to build your own Duo.

The kit comes with plywood components, the mirror and ground glass. All you need to provide is the lens and a Polaroid back. At the time of writing, the project is close to being funded, and shipping is available to Australia.

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