Document shows Samsung effort to make Galaxy S more like iPhone

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A 132-page Samsung engineering report from 2010 analyses how the Galaxy S could be improved by a direct and detailed comparison to the iPhone.

One of the less flattering pages of the 132-page document.
(Credit: Samsung/Scribd)

As reported by All Things D, the 2010 report is translated from Korean and evaluates in detail the original Galaxy S with comparison to the iPhone. Categories of analysis include basic functions, browsing, connectivity, messaging, multimedia and visual interaction effects. Through pages of direct comparisons, points are raised as to why the iPhone gets things right and why the Galaxy S does not. Each page is concluded with "Directions for Improvement" that is based on making the Galaxy S look or perform more like the iPhone.

On page 131 of the report, the directions include the statement: "Remove a feeling that iPhone's menu icons are copied by differentiating design".

This document's entry into evidence is a big win for Apple, with its case's focus on the idea that Samsung "slavishly" copied the iPhone.

The entire document can be viewed in the Scribd window embedded below.


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tabboo posted a comment   

really, this needs to be dismissed, and forgotten about. the galaxy S is 3 years old, and used by very few people anymore... sure, apple may be able to claim compensation for damages, but is it really worth all the hassal and effort? to me, it seems the biggest waste of time, and money for both sides.


AlexV1 posted a reply   

I agree, Waste of time now . If it was really such an issue it should have been dealt with back then.


trebor83 posted a reply   

The legal processes are slow. Apple filed another case at the beginning of this year against the Galaxy Nexus and elements of Android, but its not going to reach court til the middle of next year. That's just how the system works, at least in part to give the parties a chance to settle out of court.


tabboo posted a reply   

even so, if apple does win the case, is the amount of money they will get from it worth it? if samsung wins, will the amount of money apple has to pay cause any damage? really dont think so. therefore wither way, this case has no effect on either business, making it to me, really null and void.
this case is really just apple insulting consumers by saying "they wanted an iphone, but bought this by accident" like seriously?


AlexV1 posted a comment   

This , somewhat shows how the Galaxy S wasn't a direct copy of the Iphone doesn't it . Or where the "issues" identified later changed to reflect the iphones menu in a firmware update ?

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