Does DVI carry audio signals as well as video?

Q: I'm using a DVI-out to HDMI-in cable from my HP mediacenter to my Sony TV/ monitor, and getting no sound. Do I need a separate audio cable?

A: The reason you're not getting any sound is because the DVI connection doesn't transfer audio, just video.

HDMI transfers video at the same quality levels as DVI, but the added advantage of HDMI is that it also carries sound through the one cable. Since the output on your HP mediacentre is DVI, you'll need to also connect an audio cable (the red/white or left/right stereo kind).

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Smauler posted a comment   

Note that some graphics cards now are spitting out audio over the DVI connection. I have a GTX 460 which comes with audio drivers, connected with a simple DVI to HDMI cable, and I've got sound on both a TV and monitor via this setup.

I know it's not standard, but it works. I only found this out by accident when I moved my PC temporarily to my parent's house, not expecting any sound at all.


Tau posted a reply   



G posted a comment   

Omg dude im in the same position as you, crapp


PS3 User posted a comment   

What I did was hook up my PS3 to my monitor via HDMI --> DVI, then plug in the composite audio to a sound system. Just set it to use the composite (RCA) for audio and HDMI for video.


tommynq posted a comment   

I'm trying to hook up my xbox 360 HDMI to my projector which only has DVI and there's no sound. I know DVI can't carry audio, and the projector does have an audio input but is there a way to split HMDI to DVi and a separate audio so I can connnect the audio out to my projector audio input?


ArthasWF posted a reply   

see this video:

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