Does Looper have the first 'cinema commentary'?

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Looper writer/director Rian Johnson has recorded an MP3 commentary track that is designed to be listened to while watching the film.

Looper — now with added commentary.
(Credit: Sony Pictures)

Commentary tracks are an old hat when it comes to home entertainment releases, and there's no shortage of homemade MP3 commentary tracks that you can grab (including the famous — profane and profanely famous — "Wizard People, Dear Reader", by Brad Neely).

But Rian Johnson's commentary download might be the first time a director has created an MP3 for his own film — one that promises to be significantly different from what will go on the Blu-ray. Johnson released the track via a Tumblr post, saying that it adds some technical details for cinema-goers, but stressed that you should not be listening to it on your first watch of the film.

So, watch Looper (it's excellent), then go back with this commentary, downloaded onto your MP3 player, and watch again. Just remember to hide your screen — good theatre etiquette is its own reward.

Hat tip to AV Club for the story.

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