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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Doom II on an E Ink e-reader

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(Credit: PocketBook)

It's for demo purposes only, but the new model of the PocketBook 360 is capable of running Doom II.

It's unlikely that the PocketBook 360 Plus will be made available in Australia, but before you get excited and set about finding out how to import one, PocketBook has only installed the game on this prototype device for the purposes of showcasing e-reader tech.

Thanks to a zippy new processor called Freescale and Pearl E Ink technology, Doom II is quite playable, even if the FPS looks a little sluggish. You'll also note that, because the screen is constantly refreshing, there's no need for the inversion flash between page turns that most e-readers employ — although we doubt this will be omitted in the retail version of the reader.

Many people have expressed hesitation over purchasing such a sole-function device as an e-reader, but with colour E Ink technologies such as Mirasol and Triton in development, as well as the new capabilities demonstrated by the Freescale processor, the path to a more multi-function e-reader is ... well ... getting there. Slowly.

Anyway, check it out in action in the video below.

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