Double Fine space sim up on Steam Early Access

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Double Fine's space simulator Spacebase DF-9 is available now as a playable in-progress Alpha on Steam Early Access.

(Credit: Double Fine)

They're the magic words. Space. Simulator. Double Fine.

The finished game is still a little way off, but gamers are now able to get a piece of Double Fine's new space simulator Spacebase DF-9 action through Steam Early Access.

It actually looks a little like a longer-play, more fleshed-out version of a game we absolutely loved — minimalist sci-fi strategy Rymdkapsel. Spacebase DF-9 sees you building a space station on an isometric grid, building a community and keeping its needs met, harvesting resources, exploring derelicts and defending against events such as invasion, attack and meteorite impact.

(Credit: Double Fine)

The game was introduced during Double Fine's Humble Bundle Amnesia Fortnight in November last year. The developer created 23 game prototypes during two weeks, allowing gamers to vote for the one they liked best to turn into a full game.

Because it is an alpha build, Spacebase DF-9 is very bare bones; however, Double Fine has created a list of features it would like to add to the game, including citizen infighting, time travel, laws and new tools.

The game is available for US$25, which includes all future updates, and a game wiki can be found here.

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