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Every year, South by Southwest's (SXSW) participating artists make their music available for free. This year, the offering has 1210 tracks, totalling 7.39GB.

(Credit: SXSW)

Looking for some new music? Every year since 2005, the musicians performing at SXSW have made their music available for free via torrent.

The site — SXSW Torrents — is "unofficial". Initially, the SXSW organisers made the music available themselves, posting zip folders containing the files; this practice ceased in 2008, when SXSW started posting the songs individually instead. That year, a member of the public, Greg Hewill, took over the torrent, to be succeeded by Ben Stolt in 2009.

Although SXSW has never officially endorsed the torrents, neither has it spoken against them.

This year's selection is massive, with 1210 files from a massive selection of artists. Stolt recommends using either uTorrent or Vuze for the download.

You can find the download (as well as all torrents since 2005) split into two torrents on the SXSW Torrents website here.

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