Dropbox announces its very first developer conference

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Cloud storage service Dropbox has announced its own invite-only developer conference, scheduled for July.

(Credit: Dropbox)

Dropbox has been around for six years now, and the cloud storage service seems to be looking to go the way of Evernote — expanding its offering beyond simple file storage and sharing — if its latest announcement is any evidence.

Called DBX, the inaugural one-day conference hopes to gather together developers interested in building on Dropbox's API, sharing the service's new features and showcasing what third-party developers have done with it so far.

"At DBX, you'll meet fellow developers, see the great things they're building and share ideas with the engineers and designers working on Dropbox's API," Dropbox wrote in a blog post. "But most importantly, you'll be the first to learn about new products that will make developing on Dropbox even easier."

Interestingly, you can't just register and expect to be able to buy a ticket. Instead, Dropbox has decided that it's going to vet attendees. Anyone who wants to attend has to first apply for an invitation through the DBX website. Dropbox then assesses the application; it's only after approval that the applicant can pay the US$350 attendance fee. Considering that Google I/O registration is US$900 for a four-day pass, this seems a little on the high side.

The conference will be held on Tuesday, 9 July, at Fort Mason in San Francisco.

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