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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Dumb Ways to Die parody is even more fun

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What's better than dying in really stupid ways? Mars rover Curiosity discovering Cool Things to Find!

That didn't take long at all! Only last week, Victoria's Metro Trains put out a safety PSA that went viral; "Dumb Ways to Die" played a cutesy pop song detailing hideous (and unintelligent) ways to get yourself killed.

Animation team Cinesaurus — which makes quite a few parody videos — has now become 10 per cent more awesome, with Curiosity being, well, curious. Called "Cool Things to Find", the video was made because the team loved the original song, and thought it needed just a touch more NASA.

With lyrics by Forest Gibson, Steven Hudson, David Hudson and Rob Whitehead, vocals by Washington-based singer Cara Peacock and animation by David Hudson, it's just perfect.

We can't decide which one we like more.

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CathyP posted a comment   

I just think the song is kinda unhurt full than dumb ways to die and this is just like old time sake and I just like dumb ways to die both of the songs r very catchySo I'll just stick with that Bye 😊

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