Dyson Air Multiplier bladeless fan explained by James Dyson

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Earlier this week, at the launch of the new Dyson Air Multiplier or bladeless fan, we spoke with its inventor James Dyson about it and his other inventions.

It's clear from even one glance that Dyson's Air Multiplier is unconventional. Where other desktop fans have a giant set of blades enclosed in a grille, the Dyson fan's focal point is basically a large hole.

Air is drawn into the base of the device and pushed through a tiny 1.3mm gap at the rear of the circular section. This creates a draught of air, which in turn sucks in more air from the sides of the air stream, as well as from the back of the device.

The Dyson Air Multiplier is available now in three colour schemes and two sizes. The AU$399 model features a hole measuring 30cm in diameter and comes in either white or grey, while the 25cm unit is slightly cheaper at AU$379 and is grey with blue highlights.

Watch the video above to find out from the horse's mouth how the Air Multiplier works, details on some of his more obscure inventions, the process of reinventing common household goods and whether he's a Windows or a Mac man.

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Taos posted a comment   

I got one for Christmas and got in trouble for not looking excited enough. Its a fan. I get it. It costs $400. Its a fan.


john posted a comment   

Wow, put a small fan in the plastic base, route the air up and spurt it out an annular venturi- rocket science- NOT. Efficient- NO. Noisy- YES. Overpriced- YES. JUNK TOTALLY


Guy posted a comment   

WTF did apple have to do with the subject matter: "Dyson Air Multiplier bladeless fan explained by James Dyson"

Can anyone else see straight through this awful product placement!

I agree with bob, CNET is a front for Apple!


kungfusing posted a comment   

Oh my god - what a stunningly stupid POS. I can't believe it. I simply can't believe anyone would pay this much for a fan.


Rop posted a comment   

Actually, if this technology is employed into a smaller form and function, I could see it make it's way into cooling Super Computers of the next generations to come.


bob posted a comment   

Is Cnet a front for Apple? Practically every second story is Apple related, and even ones that arn't they still manage to plug apple. And for the record, Apple stole the mouse and OS system from Xerox.


86 posted a comment   

I think he would get along well with steve Jobs...

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