Dyson makes go-kart from vacuum cleaner parts

The company's engineers have called each other out on the carpet for a challenge to see who can create the baddest race car using vacuum parts.

Getting together earlier in April, Dyson's engineers shook the dust off with a "Dyson car challenge", wherein the engineers competed to, in the company's words, "create the fastest go-kart using a few Dyson spare parts and all the torque they could eke out from one of our handheld motors".

Judging from the video the company posted on YouTube (below), it looks like everyone had a lot of fun. Most of the contestants created miniature racers of one sort or another, but there was a bona fide go-kart in the mix, complete with outsized rider.

And that makes us wonder whether a legitimate product could result from these shenanigans. We love the company's vacuum cleaners and fans, but wouldn't you prefer to tear around the house on a dragster vacuum instead?


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