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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Dyson tap first washes, then dries

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(Credit: US Patent & Trademark Office)

Dyson has filed a patent for a magical tap that dries your hands after washing them.

It takes a lot longer to dry your hands under one of those air-dryer things than it does to wash them, so it makes little sense that bathrooms have fewer driers than they do taps.

A new patent filed by Dyson hopes to do away with that problem.

Called simply "Fixture for a sink", patent application 20120291195 is for a hands-free, sensor-activated sink that incorporates both a water tap and a hand dryer.

Here's how it works: a single tap fixture is mounted with laterally extending pairs of ducts, one on either side. Users wash their hands as they would when using a normal tap, with water turned on using a motion sensor. Once done, the user slides their wet hands between the pairs of ducts (like using an Airblade dryer), where air is ducted through by a motorised fan.

The spout, according to the patent, has a secondary function as a dividing partition between the hands, "encouraging correct usage".

Is Dyson about to revolutionise public bathroom hand-washing procedures yet again?


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