EA combines Tetris with monster battles

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A trailer has been released for Tetris Monsters, a new iOS game for the Japanese market that combines Tetris with turn-based monster battlin'.

(Credit: EA Japan)

EA seems to be looking for new ways to make Tetris more exciting. The games publisher recently released Tetris Blitz, a timed game with more streamlined tetromino-dropping action that's actually really fun and exciting if you can ignore the constant pop-ups. (We won't talk about Bop-It Tetris.)

For Japan, the company seems to be taking the RPG route, with a game that combines Tetris gameplay with monster slaying. A new trailer has revealed Tetris Monsters, complete with a jaunty JRPG remix of "Korobeiniki".

Based on the few snippets from the trailer, it looks like the screen is split in two. You play Tetris on the bottom screen. On the top screen, you have a team of intrepid heroes facing off against monsters. As you clear lines, you attack. The more lines you clear in a go, the stronger, we're guessing, the attack.

It's similar to games like Dragems, Puzzle Saga and Pixel Defenders, which combine match gameplay with exciting battles.

So far, EA has only announced the free-to-play game for a Japanese market for sometime this year, but we're not going to lie: we would play the heck out of this game.

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