EA's limited edition Dead Space 3 watch

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Fight the horrors of poor time management with this CEC Engineer-class horological masterpiece.

(Credit: Meister Watches/EA)

Dead Space 3 has copped a little flack of late for its use of in-game micro-transactions, but this out-of-game transaction has nothing micro about it.

The CEC Engineer-class timepiece is part of a run of just 500 units, made for EA by Meister Watches in LA. It's apparently a replica of the one Isaac Clarke wears in-game, although it seems to be made for a left-handed person, based on the configuration of the crown.

It has a copper stainless steel body, with carbon fibre face, rubber wrist strap, the Dead Space 3 logo and an individual number laser etched onto the back.

Ignoring all that, how much will these cost you? Actually, a surprisingly affordable US$265 — or it will when it goes on sale on 25 February.

Wait, so Clarke is left handed?
(Credit: EA)

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TedH posted a comment   

It's not a left handed configuration, it's built that way so when you bend your wrist you don't get "stabbed". Many watches are built this way. It is much more comfortable.

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