Elder Scrolls Online looking for beta testers

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Sign up for your chance to be a beta tester on the highly anticipated MMO coming from Bethesda, Elder Scrolls Online.

(Screenshot by CNET Australia)

There's no timing on when the beta-testing phase will open, but with Elder Scrolls Online still just slated for a "2013 release", Bethesda has a fair bit of time up its sleeve.

The sign-up process is fairly detailed, and Bethesda seems to be looking for people with a broad background of MMO gaming — and machines that are capable of running the game to begin with. At the end of the sign-up, you'll even get an indicator of what your chances are for being accepted, which is a nice touch for managing expectations.

Sign up over at ElderScrollsOnline.com and watch the trailer below to get a taste of what's next for the world of Tamriel. The ZeniMax-produced game is being developed for both PC and Mac.

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