EMI comes to VidZone on PS3

(Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment)

These days the console war isn't fought with just games — it's also about giving consumers bang for their buck by adding in as many multimedia features as possible. One such multimedia offering is the PlayStation 3's VidZone, and now Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed that music giant EMI's entire music-video catalogue will be added to the free music-streaming service on the console.

Artists that will be featured on VidZone include Katy Perry, Coldplay, and arguably the world's most popular electro act, Daft Punk. Other major artists that EMI looks after include Kylie Minogue, Empire of the Sun, Jet, David Bowie, Chemical Brothers, Iron Maiden and The Beach Boys.

The VidZone app sits under the Music icon in the PS3's XMB and streams music video clips via the Internet to consoles in Australia and Europe. At this stage, the service hasn't launched in North America. Since the app's release in 2009, Sony says 450 million music videos have been streamed via VidZone.

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SamuelL posted a comment   

Great, another plus for PS3. VidZone can be handy for Parties when you haven't prepared a proper music playlist.

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