Encharted: the history of game genres and platforms

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From a database of 24,000 games, Reddit user NcikVGG has charted the volume of releases by genre and platform.

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(Credit: NcikVGG)

While it doesn't break things down by sales, you can see quite clearly how the popularity of genres and systems wax and wane over time, including the protracted death of the arcade industry. We are curious about the near non-representation of the first-person shooter, though...

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PetterM posted a comment   
United States

Who could've thought puzzle games would become so famous?


Chandler posted a comment   

I'd imagine the lack of FPS would be due to categorisation of such games as "Action" (i.e.CODBLOPS2 is an "Action" game according to Steam - http://store.steampowered.com/app/202970/).

It'd be interesting to see what games come under what categories in source's list, or where they got their data from...

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