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Like Minecraft? Like 3D printers? Then you're going to love Printcraft.

The printed version of the in-game creation.
(Credit: Paul Harter)

As you may have seen, we've got a MakerBot in the office, and so we're getting a little obsessed with 3D printing at the moment.

Printcraft is a great idea, letting you print creations from Minecraft. Creator Paul Harter explains:

I have a share in a Thing-O-Matic 3D printer and my children wanted to build things to print on it, but most CAD applications are quite hard to learn at 11 or eight years old. However, they are both adept at Minecraft. So I wrote a script to create printable 3D models from within Minecraft."

Instructions on using Printcraft can be found on Paul's site, and he's been featured on Thingaverse as well.

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