Epic camera collection on eBay for US$50,000

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Here's one way to make yourself an instant collector: buy this range of cameras on eBay for just US$49,999.

(Credit: eBay)

A Californian photographer is selling a lifetime's worth of cameras. Collected over the course of his life, he has acquired around 50 models every year, bringing the total to somewhere between 1000 and 2000 units. The collection comprises all of the familiar names, including Canon, Nikon, Polaroid, Yashica and Mamiya, spanning the breadth of SLRs, medium format and twin-lens reflex (TLR) models.

As uncovered by photography blog PetaPixel, these models are pretty much all in working condition, and look fantastic given their age. If you have a spare US$49,999 lying around, the entire collection can be yours instantly. Alternatively, the bidding starts at US$34,999 if you'd rather go down the auction route.

A collection this epic will require some pretty heavy lifting, which is why the seller recommends picking the cameras up in person. But, if you are not prepared to do the hard work for yourself, he will ship anywhere in the world for US$1000.

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marcab posted a comment   

If you like this you'll love the Camera Museum at michaels Camera Video Digital in Melbourne. They have about 2000 items on display from a collection of over 8000!

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