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Michelle Robinson

(Credit: Michelle Robinson)

Photographer: Michelle Robinson

Speciality: mobile photography, mobile art

Biography: Michelle is a full-time mother who was born in Singapore and has lived in Australia since 1998. Most of her childhood was spent in Singapore, until she left to study law at the University of Sheffield in England. After graduating with honours, Michelle decided not to qualify as a barrister, instead returning to Singapore, where she embarked on a career in banking and finance before moving to Australia.

Michelle has had a love of photography since she was a child, but her passion for visual arts came to the forefront in 2005. She is a self-taught painter and photographer. With the advent of the iPhone and the photography apps available on iOS, Michelle has been able to combine her passion for art and photography in a more comprehensive manner. She is not comfortable with being called a "photographer", as she doesn't make a living from it and is unable to articulate the technical terms — she just knows what needs to be done to get the shot.

I make a strong distinction between photography and mobile photography: I practice what is called "iPhone-only" or "mobile-only" photography, ie, any image captured on a mobile device is edited on a mobile device. I don't cross operating systems at all. For images captured with a camera, the desktop editing tools I use are Aperture and, on the odd occasion, Flare for Mac OS.

Equipment: Canon EOS 10D, Canon EF 24-85mm, Canon EF 75-300mm, Olympus E-PL1, M.Zuiko 14-42mm, M.Zuiko 40-150mm, iPhone 4S.

Video interview

More of Michelle's work can be seen on her Google+ page.

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AlanK4 posted a comment   

What a treat it is to view this interview. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your world with us here, Michelle!!


PaulB7 posted a comment   

Great interview Mich. Nice to meet you at last!


EricS4 posted a comment   

Great job, Michelle. Nice to see you getting some exposure.

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