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Exposure Pro is a series looking at the work of leading professional and artistic photographers.

Name: Chris McLennan

Chris McLennan

(Credit: Chris McLennan)

Biography: Chris was born in New Zealand and now spends his time travelling the world as a professional photographer on assignment for travel and tourism clients.

He has worked in over 40 countries so far, and on a day-to-day basis can be found in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, tracking grizzly bears in Alaska or documenting a winter expedition travelling over 1200km on a snowmobile.

Most recently, Chris was the keynote speaker at the Photographic Society of New Zealand's Northern Region convention. Chris offers a range of exclusive photo tours, as well as the chance for fellow photographers to build their skills on adventures around the world.

Selected Awards List

Gold at PICA Victoria (2011), Silver at National Print Awards Australia (2011), National Geographic Traveler PDN Photo Awards: Finalist Travel Portrait Category (2011), National Geographic Traveler PDN Photo Awards: Winner Outdoor Sports Category (2010 and 2009), International Black & White Spider Awards: Honors People Category (2010).

Artistic statement

I love thinking outside the square and I don't shy away from breaking the rules in pursuit of a great image. I'm always looking for a new angle, whether it is bolting my camera to a skateboard or a motorbike, taking a mountain bike shot from underwater, shooting an action ski shot straight into the sun, or anything else that might give me a different kind of look. The fun bit is definitely seeing the results when an idea I've come up with has really worked well and gives me a great shot. A photographer is only as good as his last picture. My favourite photograph is the one I'm going to take tomorrow!

Video interview

More of Chris' work can be viewed on his website, Chris McLennan Photography or follow him on Facebook. Chris is a Hewlett Packard DreamColor-sponsored professional.

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harvz posted a comment   

another great interview lexy, although i feel for chris now as he is bound to have a major equipment disaster thanks to your question :)


Lexy Savvides posted a reply   

Thanks harvz! I really hope all his kit stays intact!


Dan_706 posted a comment   

Amazing photography. I could look at some of these photos every single day and still be impressed.

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