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Name: Christian Blanchard

Christian Blanchard

(Credit: Christian Blanchard)

Biography: Christian is a freelance photographer and film director, recently named by Capture magazine as one of Australia's top ten photographers. He has shot global campaigns for clients such as Mimco, Amstel, Nobody Denim, Cotton On, Nintendo, L'Oreal Paris and Puma. Throwing dirty water on celebrities for the famed "Nobody was Thirsty" campaign is indicative of Blanchard's approach that has seen him win international acclaim.

Christian's editorial work includes covers for international magazines such as Fashion Trend, Kurv and Spook, plus regularly contributing to Umno (Spain) and K-Mag (Poland) He has also contributed to various exhibitions and shows over the past few years.

Artistic statement

I love to tell stories, express emotions and evoke responses through my imagery. At the end of the day I would rather someone passionately dislike my images than feel indifferent towards them. With the advent of HD video in DSLR cameras I have moved into film directing which has in turn benefited my approach to stills. I am now more than ever looking for cinematic storylines in both still and motion projects.

Photography is a love and an ever-changing journey guiding me through life. My philosophy is extremely simple but extremely important: fun. I work extremely hard to ensure I associate photography with enjoyment and in turn this fuels my passion for photography.

Video interview

More of Christian's work can be viewed on his website, www.christianblanchard.com. Christian is currently holding workshops around Australia in conjunction with Nikon.

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