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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Eye-Fi cards arrive in Australia

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After several years of Australians missing out on Eye-Fi, the wireless SD cards will finally be available on store shelves.

An Eye-Fi card looks and works just like a regular SD memory card, but has built-in Wi-Fi that can connect to a smartphone, computer or tablet. This allows photographers to almost instantly upload images to their devices, as well as store photos, just like a regular SD card does.

Three cards will be available from June:

  • Pro X2: 8GB of storage; class 6; JPEG, RAW and video support; 802.11n; automatic geotagging and backup; AU$119.99

  • Connect X2: 4GB of storage; class 6; JPEG and video support; 802.11n; AU$59.99

  • Mobile X2: same as Connect X2, except with 8GB storage; AU$99.99.

The Australian prices are just a tad dearer than their equivalent US retail amounts, at US$99.99, US$49.99 and US$79.99, respectively.

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SamuelB1 posted a comment   

I got mine from here

Awesome price


Tongan posted a comment   

Easy to setup. Able to individually setup photos for upload to PC or Picasa (in my case). Ability on camera (Olympus TG-820) to turn off WiFi to conserve battery power. Doesn't delete photos from SD card when uploaded.

Few details on net about this product. And no demo in store to try. Ended up buying the 4GB version in case it didn't have the Good points already described.

Camera: Olympus TG-820 (eye fi compatible)

Really easy to setup. Took 1hr from start to finish, which includes:
1) Setup of Eye Fi card in Laptop:
a) Upload mode for Laptop (Windows - individual photo into new folder of my choice)
b) Upload mode for online (Picasa - individual photo into existing folder of my choice)
c) Home WiFi connection, with paste option for password. Note: Had to turn of MAC address security feature on WiFi router. Not sure of MAC address for this until, but I didn't try looking for it.

2) Take photo and select individual photo(s) for upload

3) Checking of Laptop and Picasa that photo uploaded into correct folder/album.

4) Very happy with this purchase (Note: Lens on mobile phone is broken, hence the main reason for having this feature.

Used to plug 8GB SD card ($13) straight into Laptop to copy and share photos. But this was normally once full. This method saves the hassle of doing this, should I only want to share a select few photos online (main aim), since this feature on my mobile is broken.

Does everything I need.


prhayward posted a comment   

Hooray .. it was certainly odd that it took so long.


Im Batman posted a comment   

If only these cards could receive data... they could have saved the digital photo frame industry... but then again they are the price of one!

It is a bit of a surprise to see how long this took to get to our fare shores!!


mjyoungman posted a comment   

What speeds are they? And a I mean the speed to write to the card...? Hopefully the write speed isn't imapcted by the wifi transfer...


Lexy Savvides posted a reply   

Class 6 read/write. Will be getting some Eye-Fi cards in to see how they perform in real-world situations so stay tuned.


armstro4 posted a comment   

Mobile X2 only has 8MB of storage??


eDDie posted a reply   

I think they mean 8gigs lol. error


Lexy Savvides posted a reply   

Late-night typo. Fixed now!

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