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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Facebook introduces pages just for couples

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Are you tagged in a relationship on Facebook? Now the social network has a cutesy page just for the two of you.

You know what's great? Love. Apparently Facebook agrees; if you're in a relationship with someone else with a Facebook profile, you can now access a page that shows all of the interactions between the two of you. Photos you are both tagged in, posts on each other's wall — it's all there when you navigate to

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Gradually, the new Timeline-style pages will be replacing the Friendship pages, too, which you can view by going to a friend's page, clicking the gear in the top right and selecting "View friendship".

Who can see these pages? We don't know, although we would hope that they adhere to your (joint) privacy settings. What's more worrying is that if you are tagged in a relationship, the page is automatically assigned to you, whether you want it or not — and there appears to be no way to get rid of it other than to break up your Facebook relationship (an undertaking that caused quite a bit of confusion when we tested it this morning).

It seems to be slow in rolling out, with the Timeline layout having not quite hit Australia yet, but the relationship pages exist and can be found either by navigating to the aforementioned URL or clicking on a relationship status on a user's Timeline.


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