Facebook mobile redesign makes photos three times larger

Facebook has unveiled a new mobile redesign, which makes news feed photos up to three times larger on iOS, Android and the social network's own mobile site.

Facebook has rolled out a redesign of how photos look in the news feed on iOS and Android devices. On the left is how it looked before, and on the right is how it looks now.
(Screenshots by CNET)

"Starting today, we're rolling out an improved design for posts in [the] news feed on your mobile phone," Facebook said in a post. "Now, photos are up to three times larger, and all posts will fill your mobile screen, from edge to edge."

The move appears to be based on cues from Instagram, the mobile photo-sharing service that Facebook bought last month for US$1 billion. In screenshots of the changes Facebook published, photos that used to be pretty small in a user's news feed now stretch from one side of the screen to the other.

In a post on the new design, TechCrunch suggested that readers would like the changes, because photos will now be much larger. But in the comments thread on Facebook's own post, users don't seem too happy. There, comment after comment reflect users' weariness with never-ending feature changes by Facebook.


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