Facebook rolls out App Center to Aussies

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Facebook's App Center is now available to a wider range of users, covering Australia, the UK, Canada and more.

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The App Center was first announced in May 2012 as a place for users to discover a range of social-based apps, and to help them inevitably spend more time on the site.

From today, the page will be bookmarked on the left side of the user's home page, as well as from Facebook's mobile apps. Users in the US, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK are now able to access the service, with global expansion coming in the next few weeks.

The service will provide recommendations for apps, based on what apps your friends are playing. While Facebook didn't provide specific numbers around app usage and uptake since the launch, it did say that it has had "millions" of users discovering apps for both web and mobile devices.

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