Facebook takes you back in time with 'On This Day'

Facebook is giving members a way to go back in time to exactly one year ago, with an experimental new feature called "On This Day".

(Screenshot by Jennifer Van Grove/CNET)

On This Day is a News Feed option on web or mobile, accessible from the menu of News Feed filters, that returns a special feed of friends' updates and photos posted on today's date one year ago. On Facebook's website, notable friend events such as weddings and career changes from years past are also highlighted in the right-hand sidebar.

The nostalgic feature, first noted by Inside Facebook, is in limited release and appears to only be available to a portion of Facebook's users who have the bigger, bolder version of News Feed.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to CNET that the company is conducting a "small test" of the stream, but did not provide any other details.

The option to revisit the past, as documented by your friends, seems like Facebook's interpretation on Timehop, an email and mobile application that provides a daily stream of a person's social media updates from one year ago.

Via CNET.com

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