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Let someone else buy the socks and jocks for dad this Father's Day. If you really want to win "favourite child" status, go for a tech present — there's plenty of great gear to choose from this year.

We've rounded up the hottest phones, digital radios, cameras, laptops and GPS devices that will have the most appeal to dad. There's something for everyone in each round-up, whether your father is a geek personified, or can't find the On switch.

If your budget doesn't stretch to any of the above, have a look at our list of the Top 20 Blu-ray movies for Father's Day.

  • GPS units for Father's Day

    GPS units for Father's Day Buyers Guide

    Is dad continually late because he's lost? Are mum and dad bickering constantly about whether she meant that left or the other left? If so, we think you know what you should get dad for Father's Day. And, no, we're not thinking about a new wife...

  • Cameras and camcorders for Father's Day

    Cameras and camcorders for Father's Day Buyers Guide

    There are enough digital cameras and camcorders out there to make the clued-up, keen-eyed technophile wince. So we've narrowed down the field a bit to make your Father's Day gift shopping a little bit easier.

  • Laptops for Father's Day

    Laptops for Father's Day Buyers Guide

    No idea about what to get dad? Got a huge budget just kicking around? Well, you could buy a laptop ...

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