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Favourite iPodware The ubiquitous iPod has not only spawned a legion of protective cases, stereo docks, car transmitters and tea cozies, but also a phalanx of iPodware -- software that's designed to make up ground that iTunes hasn't kept pace with.

So if you can't wait for iTunes 15 to finally include that iPod-to-PC backup function, check out these iPod-enhancing apps. If you've got favorite iPodware that isn't on our list, let us know about it at the bottom of the page.

If you're looking for freeware to copy songs from your iPod to a PC, iDump is the way to go. Small enough to keep on your disk mode enabled iPod, but powerful enough to show you every song's iPod path -- cracking Apple's unusual file-saving protocol -- this 5-star software is a must-have freebie for any iPod user.
Some apps sync your Outlook info to your iPod; others back up songs, playlists and podcasts to your PC. iGadget supports all of those and throws in local movie listings, weather forecasts, driving directions, RSS news feeds, and even personalised horoscopes. iGadget syncs and manages the info, then installs it into folders in your iPod's Notes section.

Forget about small apps to improve iTunes; if you're a PC user, you've probably wondered how to ditch the program entirely. J. River Media Center provides full iPod support for playlists, video and image files. It also can record sound, and even includes a TV tuner. It's worth the US$40 since it's the only media player you'll need.
Geared towards managing extensive collections, but suitable for all music aficionados, MediaMonkey is a great iTunes alternative if you don't mind the lack of video support. Two automated functions keep untagged tracks from falling through the cracks, and plug-ins are available if you want to tinker with the engine or add additional sound processing effects.

iPodSync does more than import Microsoft Outlook contacts and e-mail content to your musical companion. Like iGadget, it also adds RSS feeds, movie information, and weather forecasts. You get a list of preconfigured feeds -- including those for news, sports, and the iPod Lounge site -- but you can easily add your own custom links, personalising all iPod functionality.
With every new iPod model, it seems there's a new niche to be filled. The Plato Video Converter fills one created by the iPod video, taking on all video formats and making them viewable on the iPod. It's slightly buggy, graphically, but that doesn't affect the output.

iPodCopy offers full integration with the 5G iPod, so you can copy not only your music but also your videos from your iPod to your hard drive. Easy-to-find buttons also allow you to back up your contacts, notes, and calendar. Although plagued by occasional sluggishness, iPodCopy is worth the wait.

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