Ferrari 458 Italia: Now with interior shots

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Ferrari has just unveiled its latest supercar, the 458 Italia, claiming much improved green credentials. But who really cares? It's a new Ferrari with more power, better performance and an all-new style.

Update: Ferrari has now released photos of the car's interior, as well as more information about its entertainment/Bluetooth/navigation system, as well as the 458's electronic driving aids.

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EbonysBlack_**** posted a comment   



zorrad posted a comment   

f 16 fighter pilots would probably want air con ducts like this in their cockpits as it looks so cool


archie posted a comment   

very nsx like


Someone posted a comment   

Excellent design (who likes this better than the DBS?). All I can say is that I want one!!!!!


|Terabyte| posted a comment   

458 is the best midengine from Ferrai. Way better that F430.


Klasco posted a comment   

oh look another pony from Ferrari.
i the rather the Saleen S7 or Diablo SV.


nostrus posted a comment   

if you own one of these you are on a leaque of your own. And a dont think your going to drive it km1000 a month its a vintage that your lids will inheritance.


Rad posted a comment   

Bad design. How can I put a towbar on it with those tailpipes??!? How the hell and I going to take the 6x4 trailer to the tip with this? lol


adrian posted a comment   

prancing horse???????
it makes my .... prancing toooooo...:)


roy posted a comment   

awesome.. but

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