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If you're on a really tight budget, but you would like to use nice pictures on your website, or in ads, or just for party invitations, you can still get access to free photos while honouring a photographer's rights.

Photo-sharing website Flickr offers a nice search option so you can search its service for pictures that the photographer has declared as available for free use.

Hit and you can explore the site based on a variety of use permissions. Some will be free for use as long as you aren't using the picture for commercial gain, others will say they are free to use as long as you give clear attribution to the original photographer.

Make sure you understand the various licence terms on offer, and from there can soon be using great pictures without it costing more than a link.

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MatthewP6 posted a comment   

Why just single out Creative Commons? There are a lot of "Photo Commons" out there on the WWW. Try,,,,, etc. Creative Commons is not just limited to Flickr, as you can do search engine searches for photos that are CC.

At least you did mention that, even with Creative Commons, you still need to attribute. And by the way, attribution is much more than just ~costing a link~. You still need to include Author, date of access, title of photo, link to the photos, PLUS a copy of the licence or link to it. Flickr can be hit and miss at providing pre-fabricated attribution, so you may need to spend the time buildng it yourself.

I advise lecturers on how to build such attribution, and Seamus, it certainly is not as point-and-click as you seem to suggest.

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