First Intel-powered smartphone due this week

Intel CEO Paul Otellini couldn't have made it any clearer: the first smartphone to use an Intel processor is due out "later this week".

Lava's Xolo smartphone uses Intel's Atom processor for smartphones.
(Credit: Lava)

"Expect to see another important milestone for our business later this week; the launch of the first Intel architecture-based smartphone," Otellini said during his opening remarks in yesterday's first-quarter earnings conference call.

That phone will likely be from Lava, according to a source familiar with the India-based smartphone maker's plans.

Xolo specifications.
(Credit: Lava)

Specifications include an Intel Z2460 Atom chip, a 4.03-inch screen (1024x600), an 8MP camera, HSPA+ and 16GB of flash memory (see chart).

Smartphones running on Intel processors from Lenovo, Orange, Motorola and ZTE are also due soon. While the launch of Lenovo's K800 is imminent, all of the others are slated for the second half of the year.


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DelijeStefan posted a comment   

looks so ugly haha, but omg 1.6 GHz intel atom? thats actually amazing for a smart phone!! 5 years ago that was my 1.5k laptop i bought(biggest rip off)


trebor83 posted a comment   

The most interesting part of this for me is what it means for Windows 8 tablets.

The one of the biggest problems with Windows 7 tablets has been that because they have used x86 chips they have always needed active cooling with fans and vents, which has made them thicker, heavier and noisier then their competition. If the new Intel chips can work in the closed, tight environment of a phone then similarly they can work in a tablet without the need for any of this. This then give the potential for full featured Windows 8 on tablets of comparable dimensions to the iPad with access to the full suit of software available on any PC. Combined that with some well designed docking options and there is the potential for this to be a real game changer.

Suddenly Windows on ARM seems unnecessary


MitchellT posted a comment   

and what apps is it going to be compatible with? NONE! android developers only make apps for the ARM architecture and currently there are zero intel apps haha


MrSnrub posted a reply   

That's a bit assumptive, uninformed, and unlikely. Please do state your sources, sir.


Will1505 posted a reply   

I highly doubt that. Motorola is releasing an intel powered phone. Why would google release a phone that non of its software would run on?

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