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Take a closer look at the Canon EOS M, the company's very first interchangeable lens camera (ILC).

For further details on the new camera, as well as our first impressions, make sure to check out the preview. The EOS M will be available in a number of kit configurations, namely:

  • EOS M body and EOS lens adapter

  • EOS M body (black) with 18-55mm and 90 EX Speedlite

  • EOS M body (black, red or white) with 22mm, 18-55mm and 90 EX Speedlite.

Expect the camera to be released in October, though, as with all Canon Australia products, no official RRP is released. It will most likely fall in between the price bracket of the 600D and 650D, in the region of AU$799.

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Will1505 posted a comment   

Canon guy 1: "lets make a interchangeable lens camera".
Canon guy 2: "that sounds smart"
Canon guy 1: "and we'll make it the ugliest on the market"
Canon guy 2: "..........that's genius"


barnbie posted a reply   

Yep it's fugly


Jondalar posted a comment   

Wow no built in flash seems a bit silly to me for the market it's aimed at...

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