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Microsoft today revealed the next important brick in its Windows 8 castle, the latest version of its Office suite of productivity tools.

Technically the 15th version of the software, collectively, the new tools will be known as Office 2013 and will deliver most of what users have come to rely on, with a smattering of the new Windows 8 flavour. In fact, Microsoft has doubled the size of the design team working on the Office product, up to 170 designers, to give this latest version an experience that users can become emotionally involved with.

Beyond just looking good, Office is now designed with touchscreen interfaces in mind, and the way the users interacts with this new software, strongly reflects this. The taskbar across the top of the screen now has a flatter appearance and is more touch-friendly in sizing. The Ribbon menu below this remains much the same, but there is now an option to collapse the Ribbon and give back screen real estate to the document you are working on.

As we've seen with Windows 8 previously, user settings are saved to the cloud in Office 2013, so that when you log in from a different device, a phone or a tablet perhaps, your favourites, recent documents, settings and formatting travel with you.

If you want to try out the new Office for yourself, Microsoft has released a consumer preview that you can download now.

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octans posted a comment   

Most ugly Office ever.
Maybe good for tablet computer, but PC users want PC experience


SAPaleAle posted a comment   

Used Word 2013 for a few hours straight last night and there is just too much white on the interface and it is not good on your eyes.


SunAd posted a comment   

dont understand this comments this Same Office with polish verson and some improvements absolutley same like office 2010 try before you comments and dont belive this article and comments base on that


B_Chapman posted a comment   

Microsoft, where did you go wrong, I know simple is good but... i think you're going overboard on this one.


SAPaleAle posted a comment   

I see they went with the uppercase menus that were so popular with the Visual Studio preview. Hope they include the same option to change it back to a less shouty menu.

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