First sample photos from Sony's RX1

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Sony has posted the first official photos taken with its full-frame compact camera, the RX1.

Click the image above for the full-resolution version.
(Credit: Sony Japan)

It's more than appropriate to call 2012 the year of the full-frame camera, given all the announcements that have been made this past week. Not only does Sony have the first full-frame compact camera, it also has the A99, with its more traditional SLR-styling in its ranks.

Sony Japan has posted three full-resolution sample photos from the RX1, all taken at ISO 100. There's one shot in low-light using a 2-second exposure, a macro shot, as well as a portrait, to show off how the sensor and image processor renders skin tones. It's early days yet, but pixel-peepers will appreciate the opportunity to see for themselves just what the camera can capture.

A 2-second exposure at f/5.6. Click for the full-resolution version.
(Credit: Sony Japan)

Over on the company's official YouTube channel, there is also a video sample taken from the camera. Unfortunately, it's only 720p, but it gives you some idea of the sorts of depth-of-field effects you can achieve, thanks to the sensor and lens combination.

Now all we need do is to save up for that AU$2999 asking price.

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