Fitbit announces One and Zip devices

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Two new personal fitness trackers have arrived to replace the popular Fitbit Ultra in Australia.

Fitbit One is the new flagship product.
(Credit: Fitbit)

Fitbit revealed the two new fitness trackers, the Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker and the Fitbit One Activity + Sleep Tracker, along with an updated mobile app.

The tiny Zip is button free, using its accelerometer to be controlled by tapping. It is also water resistant, uses a replaceable battery with a six month life and has a silicon casing that allows you to clip it to clothing. Unlike the Ultra, it doesn't have a sleep monitor, nor can it count stairs climbed.

The more feature-filled One is the new flagship of the Fitbit range, doing everything the Ultra could do, and more. It's also water resistant, smaller and lighter than the ultra, and is rechargeable with a 5-7 day battery life. It can also be used as a silent alarm when combined with the sleep tracker wrist band, vibrating to wake you up.

Both the units are Bluetooth 4.0 and will sync with the Fitbit app via smartphone or PC, without needing to even open the app.

The Zip is available from 21 September for AU$69.95, with the One replacing the Ultra in November for AU$119.95.

Fitbit Zip
(Credit: Fitbit)

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