Five new 4G smartphones by the end of the year: Telstra

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Telstra revealed today that it would launch five new 4G smartphones by the end of the calendar year, and that a majority of the new phones offered next year will also use the next-generation data service.

(Credit: Telstra)

Telstra's executive director for Mobile Products, Warwick Bray, passed on the information during a press briefing today, saying that the new phones would join the nine existing 4G devices in the Telstra range.

"We've now reached 500,000 subscribers on 4G, of which 160,000 are on 4G smartphones," said Bray.

This number will increase significantly next year, with the telco anticipating 4G technology in two-thirds of all post-paid handsets sold on its network. Bray, however, wouldn't be drawn on questions asking for specific device details, including whether or not one of these devices will be an unannounced iPhone model from Apple.

To accommodate the swell of new devices, Telstra is building out its 4G coverage, with plans to double the technology's footprint in the country's capital cities, with high profile upgrades at Sydney's Bondi Beach and on the city's North Shore train line. This will be achieved with the addition of over 1,000 new LTE base stations across the country, and the telco is hoping to reach 66 per cent of the Australian population with 4G service by the conclusion of this expansion.

"Not only are we going to expand and double the footprint in the cities by the middle of next year, but we will increasingly be expanding the network wherever the highest demand is, so the footprint will naturally grow", said Mike Wright, Telstra's executive director of Networks & Access Technologies.

Telstra is also building out its dual-channel HSPA+ service, with an aim of covering 80 per cent of the population. Dual-channel service theoretically doubles a standard HSPA service, with a maximum download speed of 42Mbps — though, real world speeds will be significantly lower.

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Im Batman posted a comment   

If the next iphone has LTE capable of operating down under it will give a strong advantage to Telstra over the other Telcos ... Optus's LTE offerring is not really sufficient (and the way LTE seems to be frequency/band specific it would seem unlikely to work on them both)

Not sure which other vendors to expect to produce some LTE devices... huawei had huge offerings at CES, so maybe there is an LTE variant in there.

Regardless, its going to be great to see more LTE phones available.

I am glad to see that telstra haven't gone all in on LTE, and that some of the phones released in next year will be 3G only


trebor83 posted a comment   

5 devices they say, let's see:
1)New iPhone
2)4G Galaxy S3
3)Galaxy Note 2
4)AtrixHD/RazrHD - a little speculative especially as Telstra don't seem to have much time for Motorola, but that may just mean they are due.
5)4G WP8 Nokia Lumia - I think they didn't take the Lumia 900 despite it being LTE capable because there was another LTE Nokia coming 6 months later.

Just my suggestions


trebor83 posted a reply   

Sorry, it seems I should have said Razr M, though the point is the same


Danish posted a comment   

Hence waiting to upgrade my next handset to either a Samsung Galaxy S 3 duel core 4G or the iPhone 5 4G.


Danish posted a comment   

The iPhone 5 will more than likely be a 4G handset, as this was leaked by on of Telstra's spokes person, a few months back, on one of the free to air channels.


Dunners posted a reply   

The next iphone will most definately be 4G, however the real question is will it work on Telstras 4G network.


trebor83 posted a reply   

Surely they have learnt that lesson


Chandler posted a comment   

We've now reached 500,000 subscribers on 4G, of which 160,000 are on 4G smartphones," said Bray.

So what are the other 340,000 subscribers using to access 4G?
Mobile Broadband? 4G dumbphones? (didn't know you could get the latter...)


Pabrinex posted a reply   

4G dongles for PC/Laptops etc

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