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Online photo-sharing service Flickr has finally given its web interface a tweak and totally overhauled its iOS app.

Flickr's new iOS app.
(Credit: Flickr)

The new iOS app allows users to upload photos straight from their device, and comes with a built-in photo editor for altering shots. Just days after Twitter introduced a range of photo filters for its app, Flickr's app also now gets plenty for photographers to play with.

Previously, Flickr's iOS app has been one of the most disliked parts of the service, regularly generating poor reviews and user complaints. At this stage, no update to the Android app has been announced.

The (slightly) new web interface.
(Credit: Flickr)

Elsewhere, the web interface at doesn't look radically different, but there are a few additions that will make navigating more pleasant. The navigation bar at the top of the page has been redesigned and repositioned, providing a cleaner look. The Explore page, which highlights the most popular and interesting shots on Flickr, also gets a new look, with bigger photos and a cascading tile interface.

This is the first major interface development since Marissa Mayer took over as CEO of Yahoo. Over the past few months, the Flickr community has strongly encouraged Mayer to help make the photo-sharing service prosperous again to keep up with competitors.

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aslsw66 posted a comment   

One of the things that happening is the disintegration of the mobile photo space. I used to use Instagram to take and tweak photos and then upload for Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Now it seems I need to use each services own app for that ie. no sharing of the same content across platforms.

I guess I can understand each provider being protectiv of their own space but in a world of many competing spaces I really want to be able to simplify things.

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