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Flickr has changed the way photos can be embedded across the web, with a new overlay that promotes proper attribution.

(Credit: Flickr)

The photo-sharing service has introduced a range of tweaks in 2013, the most notable being the major redesign that was rolled out in May. This introduced larger images, support for full-resolution uploads and 1TB of storage for all users.

Flickr's latest update brings iframe embedding for photos. This means that when a user selects to embed an image on their website, full attribution will be added to images, including username, title and the ability to like images direct from the overlay. If an image is shared from a public set or photostream, viewers will also be able to cycle through the rest of the images.

Flickr will also keep track of all the views of photos and videos embedded on external sites, and promises not to compress or resize images when in full-screen view.

As part of the new iframe embeds, the photo-sharing site will overlay a Flickr logo on all images, which might not go down so well with photographers.

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