Flipboard adds SoundCloud support for new audio features

A new Flipboard update offers more news and updates that you can listen to instead of read.

The new Audio category lets you view the available recommended news, music, and podcasts you can listen to while you read.
(Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

Flipboard (free) is already many people's go-to app for flipping through the latest news and social network updates. But today, a new update lets you connect Flipboard with SoundCloud to offer audio clips created by major news services like NPR, and audio clips created by your friends and people you follow.

You can sign in to the new SoundCloud component by using a previously created SoundCloud account, starting a new account or using your Facebook account. Once connected, Facebook and Twitter posts, and any story that includes audio, can be listened to with a handy player that resides on the lower left of your screen. You also can browse all of the available recommended audio feeds in the new Audio category tab in the Content Guide.

Access the player's basic controls in the lower-left corner by tapping the musical notes icon.
(Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

Audio plays another important role in the latest update of Flipboard, with added accessibility options, enabling it to read stories out loud for the visually impaired.

One feature that's new to the iPhone version specifically is the ability to read related sections on social networks. Flipboard describes this as being able to view related sections on Twitter, including your tweets, your favourites and tweets mentioning you.

Flipboard is available now for free at the iTunes App Store, or you can update the app directly on your iOS device to get the new features.


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