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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

For sale: one aircraft carrier

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We've heard of e-waste but this is kinda silly. eDisposals is a site that sells old Defence Force equipment, and among the camo pants and ammo boxes is an AIRCRAFT CARRIER!

After 30 years of service, HMS Invincible is up for sale. Apparently, the 210-metre long ship is currently "stable for tow" but you're gonna need a lot of tugboats.

Patient's condition? Engines: removed. Generators and pumps: not working. Prognosis? Slightly used. Some assembly required.

Anyone want to go halvsies in a pirate radio station?


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sambo505 posted a comment   

would be great in the dam sleep & fish


cam posted a comment   

that where the black stig died on TOP GEAR


Neels Bohr posted a comment   

Will it fit in the swimming pool?


idea posted a comment   

new home for the pirate bay?


smartalec posted a comment   

will they deliver it?


JadeKris posted a comment   

If anyone wanted to re-create Rivet City now’s your chance.


bradis posted a comment   

Could make an interesting hotel out of it?


TonyM123 posted a comment   

Think how many whales the Japanese could get on the thing...


Skateboard Dude posted a comment   

Check out the skateboard ramp. I'd buy it for a dollar!


Joseph Hanlon posted a comment   

And the postage is?

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