Forget 4K: NHK and JVC develop 8K projector

Higher than current high-definition 4K technology is just around the corner, but Japan's national public broadcaster, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (known as NHK), and electronics giant JVC have teamed up to show that one can never have enough pixels.

By now, it's well known that 8K technology can deliver an amazing 17 times more clarity than full HD (1080p). However, the Japanese broadcaster NHK has just announced an improved version, boasting a silky smooth 120 frames-per-second motion reproduction. Developed in conjunction with JVC, this new technology has been implemented in a prototype projector, which will be making its public debut on 24 May, at an open house in Japan.

NHK has been a strong advocate of the 8K format, having previously collaborated with Panasonic to produce a 145-inch 8K plasma TV. The broadcaster also co-designed a compact 8K sensor with Japan's Shizuoka University.

Via CNET Asia and Engadget

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