Formula 1 seating position, steering wheel explained

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Driving a Formula One car looks fantastically easy when you're perched on the couch, drink in one hand and bag of chips in the other.

Naturally, nothing could be farther from the truth. As anyone who's ever raced a lap in a go-kart will tell you, the feel of a track car is a world removed from today's increasingly comfortable and detached road-going vehicles.

In F1, the differences are taken to the nth degree. Yes, there are four wheels, brakes, a steering wheel, an engine and a gearbox, but imagine lying down and piloting a car at over 300km/h with hindered vision, and on a rock-hard seat with no padding.

That's what F1 drivers do week in, week out. In the first video below, Mercedes GP driver Nico Rosberg explains why F1 drivers sit the way they do. In the second video, former world champion Michael Schumacher details what all the buttons and knobs on an F1 steering wheel do.

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