Foxconn worker riot leads to arrests, damage in Chengdu

Workers in Foxconn's Chengdu factory in the Sichuan province, China, reportedly started a riot last week, following complaints that they were treated poorly by security staff.

Foxconn workers assembling Apple products.
(Credit: Apple)

According to Hong Kong-based newspaper, Ming Pao (Translate), several workers clashed with security staff at their off-site dormitory. Not long after, the issue escalated and over 1000 people rioted around the dormitory, according to the newspaper. The rioters reportedly ignited firecrackers and threw a host of objects, damaging facilities.

Soon after the riot started, security staff alerted local police, who sent out officers to quell the unrest. The police presence resulted in dozens of arrests, according to reports out of the country.

Foxconn issued a statement on the matter, telling PC Magazine that the incident occurred off-site at a dormitory which is owned by third-party companies.

"We were informed by local law enforcement authorities that late Monday night, several employees of our facility in Chengdu had a disagreement with the owner of a restaurant, located in that city," Foxconn told PC Magazine. "We were also informed that the employees subsequently returned to their off-campus residence, owned and managed by third-party companies, at which time a number of other residents also became involved in the disagreement, and local police were called to the scene to restore order.

"Foxconn is cooperating with local law enforcement authorities on their investigation into this incident," the company said.

Ming Pao reported that the workers were also upset with their pay, though Foxconn has not said whether that's the case.

Foxconn has come under close scrutiny over the last few years about its treatment of workers across its facilities. In January, Apple requested the Fair Labor Association (FLA) to audit Foxconn, to ensure it was adhering to proper worker treatment. That audit resulted in the FLA finding Foxconn's workers engaged in excessive overtime and were paid too little. Foxconn agreed to reduce work hours and improve conditions, following the audit.


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