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Subscribers can watch Foxtel on the move with the new app for iOS.

The Foxtel Go app in action.
(Credit: Foxtel)

The app, called Foxtel Go, is available as a free download from the App Store. It gives residential customers 21 live channels on their iPad's, all as part of their regular subscription.

Channels that are available via the app include The LifeStyle Channel, A&E, Sky News, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Disney, Cartoon Network, Channel V, CBeebies and dedicated sports channels, such as Sports Play Powered by Fox Sports (live sport highlights are Rugby Union, Cricket, A-League and Tennis), Fox Sports Plus 1, 2 3 and 4, which are four Barclays Premier League specially-programmed football channels, and Eurosport.

Foxtel Go will also have a number of catch-up episodes from shows such as Rove LA, The Walking Dead, The Only Way is Essex, Gossip Girl, Deadliest Catch and more.

The app is only for iOS 5 and above, requires a Foxtel residential cable or satellite subscription with a STU, and a Foxtel online account linked to a subscription account. This means that people with Optus TV, featuring Foxtel, Foxtel on Xbox 360, Foxtel on Internet TV or Foxtel on T-Box customers can't use the app. Foxtel has noted that it intends to "bring you more channels, to more devices", which may mean that an Android version could be in the works. Or it could refer to the fact that, currently, only two iPads can be linked to a single subscription.

Foxtel is making the Go app available over 3G/4G as well as Wi-Fi, but we think you'd want a pretty darn generous data limit on your plan if you were going to be watching a lot of TV outside of a wireless network.

Here's the official photo of Foxtel spokesman Chris Hemsworth holding something that doesn't actually look like an iPad. Because, why not?
(Credit: Foxtel)

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ShellstaX posted a comment   

Very surprised Android wasn't a simultaneous release. I think Foxtel missed a beat there. (I'd expect it to come as e.g. Foxtel maintain good Android support for the Foxtel Guide)


JackiH1 posted a comment   

Thanks for the Heads up on this using it now :)


teamjet posted a comment   

any future andriod support for this app?


Nic Healey posted a reply   

As we say in the story, Foxtel are hoping to bring the app to "more devices" but it's not clear if that means Android or not.

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